WISE Partners

What are WISE Pathways Partnerships?

Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE), developed by HHW Ohio in partnership with Lorain County Community College, serves to provide information about careers, training, and apprenticeship opportunities in fields where women have been underrepresented. These include Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, Information Technology and Supply Chain & Logistics.

WISE and partners from industry, community organizations and educational institutions are piloting face-to-face WISE Pathways exploration events in various Ohio regions for their constituents. This effort is now being expanded upon through this Website, making the entire WISE program available to interested parties everywhere.

WISE partners are key to providing face-to-face programs to those seeking sustainable employment and life-long careers in high-demand, high-wage professions, including those just starting out, making a career transition, coming out of the military, etc.

For examples of our partners and their programs, contact us at info@hhwohio.org.

Partner Collaboration & Communications

WISE partners meet, learn and collaborate on the interactive Impact Community via the WISE Partners Slack Channel. If you are already a partner or would like to become one and would like to join the Partners Slack Channel, please contact us via info@hhwohio.org.

In addition to providing the WISE Career Pathways Experience to their constituents, WISE partners can work together in the Slack channel to:

  • Build the talent pipeline that will fuel economic growth
  • Create a single powerful voice to advocate for local industries
  • Work with education and training providers to develop programs that meet common needs
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Participate in an ongoing forum for strategic discussion
  • Connect with funding opportunities for workforce development and training
  • Improve perceptions about careers in high-demand, non-traditional fields
  • Become part of the skills gap solution

Why Become a WISE Pathways Partner

WISE Pathways welcomes support and participation in the form of industry partners, community partners and education partners.

Industry Partner Roles

  • Support recruitment of additional industry colleagues for participation
  • Offer input to customized curricular content including occupational tracks
  • Identify and engage women in the field to serve as Role Model Speakers
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us via info@hhwohio.org

Community Partner Roles

  • For face-to-face sessions, provide space for classroom discussion
  • Coordinate wraparound care (transportation, childcare, etc. if needed)
  • Provide job placement support for cohorts

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us via info@hhwohio.org

Education Partner Roles

  • Identify Earn & Learn strategies to support the economic advance of women in non-traditional, high demand fields by recruiting, training, and retaining a skilled workforce
  • Combine technical instruction with on-the-job training
  • Create opportunities for applied learning via co-creating curriculum alongside industry and community partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us via info@hhwohio.org.

Partners can contribute to the WISE Pathways effort in many ways, including:

If you and your organization would like to learn more about the WISE partner program or would like to become a WISE partner in Ohio, please contact us at info@hhwohio.org.