Welcome to the resources page! Here you will find information to further expand your knowledge and understanding of the career opportunities for women and hear from many amazing women who are making a successful “life, not just a living” in these fields!

HHW Ohio (Formerly Hard Hatted Women)

Originally developed by HHW Ohio, the program has been through frequent iterations and improvements through partnerships with public and private organizations including AmeriCorps, the Center for Energy Workforce Development and others, and with investments from the US Department of Labor and other public and private supporters. Beginning in 2016, HHW Ohio partnered with Lorain County Community College and SkillsCommons to make WISE Pathways a free, open education resource available nationally.

WISE Pathways is designed to be hosted by many types of organizations and relies on a partnership model where host organizations coordinate content as well as needed supports for participants. Community-based organizations, workforce/economic development agencies, educators, and industry partners collaborate to deliver this program.

After completing the WISE workshop, these organizations may offer additional services, which will help program completers along their pathway, such as entering needed education and training, preparing for entry-level jobs or apprenticeship programs.

HHW Ohio remains a valued partner, sharing its expertise to engage and prepare Role Model Speakers, as well as building a library of Role Model Speakers videos and an online Role Model Speaker training.

Role Model Speakers

Role Model Speakers are volunteers who share their inspiring stories with you as you are exploring possible new career paths. 

Role Model Speakers and HHW Ohio are an important part of WISE Pathways. Check out these videos – they are a clear sign that woman truly CAN make a career in non-traditional fields!


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Training Opportunities

Learn how to get your high school diploma or GED, workforce training programs and degree programs at community and four-year colleges and about other opportunities for training and more in Ohio.

Don’t have a high school diploma or your GED? No problem.

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Apprenticeship Programs

Why wait years to gain skills and unleash your potential when you can start now? Become an apprentice to get started in the career you’re planning for, today.

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