Required Education & Training
  • Completed Apprenticeship / Extensive On-the-Job Training
Industry Recognized Credentials
  • AWS, API, or ASME certifications (employer specific)
Median Wages $52,102 Education Providers
  • Community colleges
  • Ohio Technical Centers
  • Various vendors
  • Advanced skill with basic welding processes (SMAW, SAW, FCAW, and GMAW)
  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Basic rigging and crane signaling
  • Chip and grind material using handheld tools
  • Conduct destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Technical competencies as demonstrated by various AWS, API, or ASME codes (employer specific)
All Levels

Foundational employability skills, basic math and computer skills, written and verbal communication skills; safety awareness; drug free
Note: each position must demonstrate the competencies and credentials of the previous position