Information Technology (IT)

Women in the Computer/IT Industry

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to become a Web Designer but didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve heard a lot about data security breaches and decided that you’d like to work in cybersecurity to protect people’s private information. Women have been gaining ground in traditionally male-dominated fields like Information Technology with significant career growth in jobs like Web Design, Animation Specialist and more.

“Women in technology fields can bring unique talents to the job,” say Dr. Alicia Strandberg and Sue McFarland Metzger, professors of Information Systems at Villanova University. “They have different experiences, skills and perspectives that can add real value…”

Follow the career pathways below to find your area of interest and start moving toward your dream job.

IT Career Benefits
  • Information Technology provides some of the best opportunities for career growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual earnings of people in computer occupations is $87,870 – which is nearly 44% higher than that of other occupations.
  • There are apprenticeship opportunities in IT that offer flexibility when raising kids, finishing school, or making a career transition such as the IT Flexible Apprenticeship (ITFA) at Columbus State Community College. Similar training programs can help build confidence and provide professional credentials upon completion.
  • IT Boot Camps are available for coding and cybersecurity, among others. Many offer women-only classes, where students can learn in a safe environment that is more supportive to the challenges that women face.
  • Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women: The Comprehensive List. Source: Course Report, April 26, 2021

Facts About the Computer/IT Industry

  • The US tech industry market is worth around $1.6 trillion and is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value by the end of 2021. Source: Key Technology Industry Facts and Trends (Editor’s Choice)
  • Tech jobs include software developers and network administrators, as well as non-technical positions, such as sales, marketing, HR. Technology professionals work in many fields including healthcare, finance, media, government and more.
  • IT employment is projected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. These occupations are projected to add about 531,200 new jobs. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  • The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250 in May 2020, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $41,950. (BLS)
  • Though the US is the largest tech market (33%), most of the tech spending occurs outside of it (67%). CompTIA, 2020

Get Started on the WISE Information Technology Pathways

Engineer, implement and maintain the computing, communications and data management hardware and software supporting the business.

Design, build, and/or acquire IT solutions to enable efficient and effective processes in support of the business or organization.

Design. Implement, and operate tools and processes that protect data, software, and hardware assets across the enterprise from theft, damage, and corruption.

Design, code, and assemble the software that computing and communications equipment uses to perform, manage, monitor and evaluate business or organization processes.